Indulgences and Integrity

Recently, a posting about the welcome letter to the University of Chicago’s incoming 2020 class has been making the rounds. The letter challenges a contemporary academic trend, that of Universities creating “safe” (non-anxiety causing) places and preliminarily cautioning students  that an idea about to be discussed may be uncomfortable, an action known as a “trigger warning”. It’s… Continue reading Indulgences and Integrity

On Curating

“Oh, you’re a curator too?” My friend’s comment caught me off guard.  I don’t find this activity unusual because I work in academia and there’s always another person in the building who is bringing in a visiting artist or putting together an exhibition. I don’t consider this to be a separate part of my identity as… Continue reading On Curating

Hello 2016!

Dear Friends, one of my 2016 goals is to turn this site into a proper blog, sharing more images and thoughts on process with you. Lately my thoughts have been on four things: working in different media and the resistance encountered; the Venus Transit book (which will get done this year, damnit!); working in kiln-cast… Continue reading Hello 2016!

So much ground to cover!

It’s been an incredibly eventful summer and fall, and there are so many posts to write. I will have a break soon, but in the meantime, here are a few images to give a quick rundown. They include a residency at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts to design my next artist’s book structure, papermaking and indigo… Continue reading So much ground to cover!

Fuck Yeah, Book Arts!

A shout out to the kind folks at Fuck Yeah, Book Arts! One of my old students let me know that Kalopsia Collective posted an image of the work from last year’s exhibition, Octavo Fika Narrative, in Scotland. One of my favorite things about artist’s books is their transdisciplinary nature. Still no frontiers-we’re all outlaws.

A New Collection

I am delighted that the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture has purchased a copy of my artist’s book Drowning. Thanks to Laura Russell of 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, Oregon. When I created this book I never imagined the escalation that five years could bring; I hoped we were moving toward a… Continue reading A New Collection

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NYC adventure!

I am delighted to say that this broadside will debut in NYC at the launch of Thomas Dooley’s first collection, TRESPASS, a 2013 National Poetry Series selection! The launch is this Sunday, 9/28 at 5 PM – Barnes & Noble Union Square. Thomas’ writing is exquisite and if I had a fairy godmother, I’d be there. Do yourself a… Continue reading NYC adventure!

Pollinator at Blue Spiral 1

If you are in the Asheville, NC area before July 26th, please see my work in the  Pollinator exhibition at the Blue Spiral 1 gallery. I’ve been dreaming of exhibiting at Blue Spiral since 1999, so this is a dream come true.

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Papermaking 2014

This year’s papermaking sojourn at the Root River paper mill begins June 26th. The usual suspects will be in house with a few extra hands. We’ve got interesting adventures and gorgeous hues planned. I can hardly wait!

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