Sculptor Kristin Thielking and I began collaborating on the “Wrecked” Series in 2015 when so many of our conversations began as they still do, with a “what if…?”. Since that time, we have created several bodies of work using innovative processes like casting glass from linoleum cuts and working with scientists to capture a wave in real time using the photogrammetric process.

Our work and relationships have evolved and we are now the artistic arm of the Catching a Wave collaborative, “a group of┬ámulti and transdisciplinary researchers from universities based in the USA, UK and Ireland, combining expertise in environmental and social sciences ranging from marine biology, climate change adaptation, coastal management, science communication, geography, sociology, human well-being, fine arts, visual arts, mixed media, graphic design, film, poetry, and sculpture.”

We are continuing our experiments with glass and paper and developing site-specific installations. In 2020 our two main objectives are to combine the paper and glass and scale up the captured waves to create an interactive installation on sea level rise.

Blue boat, 2019