Late pandemic thoughts

A recent letter to a friend included the thought, I truly miss thinking, the wonderment of ideas. Did I tell you about the experience I had in a thesis meeting a few weeks ago? …I was thinking about an article I read in the NY Times, “The Brooch is Back, Baby” in which they quote jewelry historians. While sitting there I was thinking that maybe we’ve got it wrong-our frameworks are too narrow. We are only thinking in the time-context of humanity and ignoring the kinship offered to us by nature. The history of ornament needs to start, at the very least, with birds. Then who knows how much farther back on the evolutionary ladder we’ll go? Speaking of ladders, I just watched an Ann Hamilton talk (~swoon~) in which she said, “a ladder is still a hand-carried thing” and went on to question our degree of awareness of our hands. I need the rushing of the pandemic to stop so I can come back to this awareness.