Current CV


There are two divergent and complementary themes in my current research. The first involves transforming the idea of a book, breaking down the structure and page. The primary media I use are alternative book structures (unconventional folds, invented bindings), handmade paper, letterpress printing, historic pattern, and organic/found objects. I am learning digital processes that can be used in conjunction with this work.

The second theme is of a more scientific bent, researching and making work that responds to Colony Collapse Disorder (the phenomenon of abrupt apiary disappearance, its social/economic implications, and demonstrating how art can work toward social change and serve as a problem-solving mechanism. The artwork proposes metaphors and connections between seemingly disparate elements of the problem with the hope that a solution will be found in/inspired by viewers’ observations and an understanding of these correlations. This work uses similar materials as the books but is presented in a traditional two-dimensional, fine art format.

The unity between these themes is my representation of connections between interpersonal, sociopolitical, and environmental relationships, and deepening the visual and verbal experiences of reading.